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Our denture department is the foundation upon which the Stomadent Dental Lab was built. We continually implement new, advanced dental technologies and methods that improve the fit and comfort of oral prostheses. We constantly train our denture lab technicians to have extensive knowledge and experience with removable dental appliances. We consistently deliver high-quality dentures that are aesthetically pleasing and require minimal adjustment. With four categories of complete dentures, we offer your patients handcrafted appliances built by expert denture lab technicians based on their budget.

Eclipse Denture


Complete Dentures

Eclipse dentures fit better than traditional dentures. The material is monomer-free and eliminates allergic reactions that patients may experience with traditional dentures. Eclipse is a revolutionary prosthetic resin system that guarantees the fit at try-on will be the fit at delivery. After the master denture cast is poured, our dental lab constructs a wax try-on model on a base plate that later becomes part of the finished denture. This reduces distortion and guarantees a precise fit. Eclipse materials are monomer-free, eliminating tissue reactions. Eclipse is an ideal choice for full dentures, partial dentures, night guards, and temporary partial dentures.

Quick Facts

  • Monomer free

  • No distortion and better fit

  • Fit at try-in is the fit at delivery

  • Precise occlusion

  • Fewer sore spots

  • Fewer adjustments

PhysioStar® NFC

Signature Complete Denture

PhysioStar® dentures are the individual surface structure for natural aesthetics and beauty. Each PhysioStar tooth has its unique surface structure created to mimic natural-looking teeth. The PhysioStar signature tooth lines are aesthetically appealing and are as unique as each patient.

With a focus on the surface finish, each fake tooth has a smooth surface with a high-gloss coating. Similar to incremental growth lines that appear on the surface of the tooth enamel, the PhysioStar tooth line simulates the perikymata linear grooves and highlights the unique structure of the tooth.

Unlike natural teeth that show signs of wear over time, PhysioStar teeth resist staining and continue to look great for years to come. PhysioStar® anterior teeth use a patented layering pattern for each denture mold. Additionally, the bright interdental flanks help avoid shadows in areas between teeth, giving each false tooth a more natural-looking appearance.

Quick Facts

  • Resistant to wear and staining

  • Natural aesthetics

  • Smooth surface

  • High gloss coating

  • Simulates the perikymata linear grooves

  • Patented anterior layering for each mold


Complete Denture

Every tooth reflects natural beauty!

Our Premium Complete Dentures are fabricated with Candulor Premium CT Composite and Porcelain denture teeth. Candulor continues the art of traditional composite and porcelain teeth for removable dental prosthetics. Similar to the ancient Chinese porcelain artworks, an expert craftsman makes Candulor teeth by hand, each one reflecting its unique quality. Every Candulor tooth is a work of art, making them some of the best products we offer at our dental laboratory.


Porcelain materials meet the highest standard for tooth aesthetics, and they are made to withstand the functional demands of everyday life. Like natural teeth, Candulor porcelain teeth refract light similar to natural enamel, giving them a natural and long-lasting appearance.


More than 80% of all dental crowns and dental bridges are made with porcelain materials. Now, porcelain teeth are available for full dentures as well, making it the ideal material choice for patients who demand premium aesthetics and durability. Each tooth is made using a combination of shade pigments cured in a controlled firing process. This yields denture teeth with high abrasion resistance, translucency, shade consistency, and a natural appearance.

Layer structure

Candulor dentures have a unique layered structure and are made using six different layers with four different characterizations. The layering and characterizations are done by hand by expert craftsmen, giving each tooth a personal touch.


Complete Denture

Basic can still be beautiful!

The Artic® tooth line displays natural colors and translucency. The multi-layer design is available in the most popular molds and shades, from A1 through D4.

Artic dentures are made using a patented injection compression process that produces teeth that are dense and hard with a superior finish. Produced using INCOMP technology, the teeth look strikingly natural with beautiful translucent colors. Artic denture teeth are incredibly durable and are an ideal choice for beautiful, value-driven removable appliances.

Anterior Teeth

The Artic® 6 consists of multilayered, life-like, aesthetically pleasing anterior teeth. These anatomically shaped teeth adapt perfectly to existing dentition and to complete dentures. They are available in 16 shades, from A1 to D4, and in 33 different anterior molds.


The Artic® 8 posterior teeth are available in 22 molds and four different angulations. The teeth provide a superior physiological function, accurate intercuspal relationship, perfect occlusion, and an even distribution of the masticatory load. Their unique hollow neck improves the retention of the denture base material. The Artic 8 guarantees an easy transition to the patient’s mouth.

Quick Facts

  • Natural colors ranging from A1 to D4

  • Anatomically-shaped teeth for a pleasing, life-like appearance

  • Teeth are produced using a patented injection compression process

  • Durability for a value-conscious appliance

  • Posterior teeth are available in four different angulations

  • Even distribution of masticatory load improves function

  • Hollow neck design of posterior teeth improves retention to the denture base

Artic Basic Denture Teeth
Implant Denture Comparison Chart Thumb
A table comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different implant dentures in relation to one another.

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