David Hudnall

By David Hudnall, DMD


All dentures are more or less the same, right? Not so. Many denture resins are made from lower-quality materials produced in foreign countries that don’t withstand the test of time.

While dentures made from low-cost or inferior materials may be fine for temporary dentures, patients are not going to be happy if the dentures that they paid a premium price for fall apart after only a few short years. Lucitone is a name that dental professionals trust to deliver long-lasting results.

What Is the Lucitone Denture Advantage?

Lucitone is the leader for denture base resins, among all other dental appliances. With over 40 years of proven clinical and product success, laboratories, and dental practitioners rely on Lucitone to deliver quality results for their removable prosthetics. That’s because the Lucitone brand is known for its superior high-impact resistance and flexural strength that resists breakage.

There is nothing worse than false teeth with gum tissue material that draws attention because the color is not a color found in nature. Patients appreciate Lucitone for its uniform aesthetic appeal and how it delivers aesthetic results. With lifelike vein simulation and multiple color offerings designed to blend with almost any shade of tissue, Lucitone does what it does best by showcasing excellent tissue coloration and receding into the background in order to showcase a beautiful smile.

Clinical Considerations

When it comes to dentures that will last for 7 to 10 years or more, there is no substitute for high-quality Lucitone dental materials. With the advent of new technology, Lucitone has different products to address denture manufacture via conventional processing or 3D printing process. Either way, all Lucitone denture resins are backed by years of research and field use to ensure that you are providing your patient with premium-quality dentures and superb resistance.

While you can always use analog methods for capturing denture impressions and processing, a digital workflow is worth the investment, saving time and money in the long run. Plus, digitally designed appliances are more accurate and fit much more precisely when compared to dentures made using traditional craftsmanship.

Your patient will love the fact that digital impressions bypass the tray full of goop – which could be the reason they have been avoiding new dentures. Both you and your patient will enjoy the quicker turnaround time and the need for fewer modifications of the finished dentures at delivery, without needing to work with a complex manufacturing process including navigating boiling water mixing ratio.


Dentures made using analog impression methods and traditional processing usually must be adjusted at delivery in order for the denture to make intimate contact with the tissue, allowing it to form a comfortable and secure seal. Adjustments to refine the bite or thin the bulk of acrylic in certain locations are also necessary to improve patient comfort and tolerance. Prior to the dismissal of the patient, don’t forget or gloss over polishing the Lucitone dentures to a smooth finish in order to prevent reservoirs that can catch debris or harbor germs and to maintain a balanced translucency.

If you have utilized chairside scanning and an automated workflow to create printed Lucitone dentures, most of the work has been done for you by the laboratory. Usually CAD/CAM manufactured dentures require very little adjusting at the chair side for them to be comfortable and fit correctly. Take advantage of the time that you have saved to review your recommendations for denture care and maintenance with your patient.

Care Best Practices

A beautiful new smile with dentures will only remain that way with proper care at home and regular denture maintenance appointments. While Lucitone dentures are resistant to stains and odor, there is no substitute for proper care and treatment to keep them looking great for years to come.

The patient should be instructed to remove their dentures from the mouth while sleeping to prevent the formation and accumulation of bacteria, plaque, and calculus on the dentures that develop when salivary flow diminishes. This will also maintain the excellent vein simulation and ultra high impact strength of Lucitone dentures.

Here are some best practices for daily denture care at home:

Prior to bedtime is usually the best time to clean dentures.

Even with improved durability, dentures can break if dropped, so fill the sink with water, then clean the dentures over the sink. If the dentures slip, the water will cushion their landing.

Rinse dentures thoroughly in cool water to remove loose food particles.

Apply liquid soap or a denture cleaning paste to a moistened denture brush and brush all surfaces thoroughly. Rinse to remove residue from the cleaning material.

Avoid using ordinary toothpaste or bleach on dentures.

Clean the gums, tongue, and the inside of the mouth with a soft-bristle brush or washcloth to stimulate blood flow.

Because gum tissue changes can affect the fit of dentures, see the dentist or denturist at least once per year or any time issues develop. The dentist will evaluate the dentures, inspecting for flaws that may be harboring debris, cracks, or sore spots on the gums.

They will also address fit issues that may require a reline to extend the life of the dentures and ensure an industry standard fit.

Advantages of Top-Tier Dentures with Advanced Imaging

Dental imaging, or scanned impressions, allows for the creation of an accurate model that is more representative of the topography features of the patient’s tissue. Improved precision and precise design measurements yield a denture that fits better than any analog denture.

Modern dental laboratories with the ability to accept scanned impressions from the doctor or that are able to scan analog models and incorporate them into an automated workflow produce dental appliances that fit better while saving time with everyone involved – the lab, the doctor, and the patient.

Experience the Full Lucitone Denture Advantage at Stomadent Dental Lab

Stomadent Dental Lab is experienced in all things made from Lucitone, including traditional dentures, partial dentures, implant overdentures, 3D printed dentures, implant dentures fabrication, and denture repairs using genuine Lucitone repair materials.

Why not combine the best materials with the lab that has the digital dental workflow down to a science? Trust the Stomadent team to deliver Lucitone dentures that your patient will be proud to wear!

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