CAD/CAM System


Digitally Designed Partial Dentures

The CAD/CAM design system brings an additional level of precision and efficiency to metal frameworks and flexible partial dentures.

Quick Facts

  • Four to seven-day turnaround — Our state-of-the-art dental laboratory designs, fabricates, and repairs parietal dentures

  • Digitally designed and vacuum-injected metal frameworks deliver an excellent fit

  • Bendable clasp eliminates partial denture breakage

  • Our partial dentures are bio-certified and free from harmful materials

Wironium Cast

Metal Frameworks

Wironium cast metal frameworks introduce a new level of ease and convenience to dentists and their patients. Wironium alloys eliminate fractured clasps, poor fit, excessive adjustments during chair time, and partial denture remakes. Now you can provide your patients with superior, cost-effective removable denture appliances from our dental laboratory while enjoying a healthy profit.

Quick Facts

  • In-house design, casting, and repairs at our dental lab

  • Malleable clasps eliminate fractures

  • Vacuum casting ensures a perfectly fit metal framework

  • Metal frameworks require minimal adjustments

  • Eliminates weakness and corrosion

  • Versatile and suited for laser welding and repairs

  • Three levels of hardness

  • Attractive, high-gloss finish

  • Fabricated from bio-certified metal alloys

Wironium Cast Partial

Valplast Partial Dentures

Flexible Removable Dentures

Today, many dentists in the U.S. are choosing Valplast for removable partial dentures (RPDs) because patients love the fit and feel of flexible partial dentures. Metal-based RPD design is often tricky because it attempts to fuse an inflexible object inside a flexible environment. Since Valplast denture materials are flexible, they feel more natural inside a patient’s mouth. Valplast partial dentures also blend naturally with a patient’s teeth and gums, enhancing the appearance of their smile. Place your Valplast order with our denture lab today!

Quick Facts

  • Designed and fabricated in our dental laboratory facility

  • Patients love the appearance and comfort of Valplast dentures

  • Valplast dentures feel more natural in the mouth than traditional metal-based RPDs

  • Hugs the patient’s gums for greater retention and stability

  • Reduces stress on natural teeth

  • Simple to adjust, reline, and repair

  • Natural, translucent, tissue-like colors

  • Thin and lightweight material

  • Non-allergenic — minimizes tissue irritation

  • Fuses with Wironium metal frameworks

Thermoflex Partial Dentures

Flexible Removable Dentures

THERMOFLEX™ denture frameworks use a flexible resin that is natural looking, aesthetically pleasing, fits the patient’s mouth perfectly, and is comfortable to wear. They’re designed using 3D CAD/CAM technology and are injection molded using both heat and pressure. The result is a denture framework that is strong, fits precisely, has excellent retention, and requires minimal adjustments. With more than 16 tooth shades and three tissue colors available, Thermoflex partials literally disappear inside a patient’s mouth. Thermoflex may be combined with a Wironium metal framework for natural-looking clasps.

Quick Facts

  • Designed and fabricated in-house by our dental lab

  • Natural color options: 16 tooth shades and three tissue shades

  • Comfortable for the patient to wear

  • Flexible enough to be utilized with complex cases

  • Clasps with elastic memory securely fit into deep undercuts for maximum hold

  • Durable, long-lasting denture frameworks

  • Resists absorption with excellent tensile and shock strength

  • Easy fit with minimal denture adjustments

  • Thin and lightweight denture framework

  • Non-allergenic base minimizes tissue irritation

  • Fuses with metal frameworks or flexible denture bases

Thermoflex Partial
Partial Comparison Chart Thumbnail
A table comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different partials in relation to one another

Compare Partial Denture Options



Acetal Tooth Shade Framework

Clear Framework

CR/CO Cast Framework

Titanium Framework

Comfort Moderate Good Excellent Excellent
Best Choice
Great Great
Aesthetics Moderate Excellent Great Excellent Good Good
Stability/Fit Good Good Excellent Excellent
Best Choice
Great Great
Weight Heavy Moderate Light Light Heavy Moderate
Best Choice
Durability Moderate Great Great Great Excellent Excellent
Relinability / Repairability Easy Difficult Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
Dentition Friendly Moderate Good Excellent Excellent Moderate Good
Clasp Type Wire Metal Valplast Gingival Tooth Shade A1 - D2 Clear Metal Titanium
Manufacturing Method

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