Downloadable Patient Marketing Brochures for Dentists

Download free print ready, high resolution, informative brochures that you can give out to your patients that explain benefits and concerns of each product or service you provide.

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By David Hudnall, DMD

Patient education is a necessary and integral part of every dental practice. Without education, patients will never understand the need to spend money on essential dental treatment and never be motivated to initiate it. When patients don’t know what their dental needs are and they don’t see the benefits of addressing them, there is a huge disconnect in the relationship between the patient and the dental practice.

Have you ever started talking about the benefits of a certain type of treatment only to realize that your patient’s eyes have glazed over? There’s a reason for it. According to various research studies of the sensory learning styles, roughly 65% of the population are visual learners, 30% are auditory learners, and a mere 5% are kinesthetic (tactile) learners.

If you are educating your patients by talking alone, you’re missing the mark when it comes to getting your patient involved in their own dental treatment and helping them to make sound decisions about their dental health.

Dentistry Brochure Samples

Stomadent Dental Lab believes that the patient experience and decision-making can be enhanced with easy-to-understand brochures that condense the pros and cons of any major restorative treatment into concise concepts.

Since many restorative solutions can be thought of as good, better, or best, we like to include alternative treatment modalities where possible in our flyers to reinforce why someone might choose one treatment option over another.

Because Stomadent wants to be true to the topics that we know and understand best, our dentist office brochures are limited to those subjects that we perform in our own laboratory. Our dentistry brochure samples are arranged into three broad categories for your convenience:

Category 1

General Solutions/Restorations

Category 2

Removable Restorations

Category 3


CAD/CAM Restorations - Patient Marketing Brochure

CAD/CAM Restorations


Titanium Partial Denture - Patient Marketing Brochure

Titanium Partial Dentures


IPS eMax - Patient Marketing Brochure

IPS e.max Crowns


Ceramic Veneers - Patient Marketing Brochure

Benefits of Ceramic


Wironium Partial Dentures - Patient Marketing Brochure

Wironium Partial Dentures


Zirconia Crowns - Patient Marketing Brochure

Zirconia Crowns


Repairs and Relines - Patient Marketing Brochure

Repairs and Relines


Acetal Resin Partial Dentures - Patient Marketing Brochure

Acetal Resin
Partial Dentures


PFM Crowns - Patient Marketing Brochure

PFM Crowns


Keyspling Bruxism Nightguards - Patient Marketing Brochure

Keysplint Bruxism


Valplast Partial Dentures - Patient Marketing Brochure

Valplast Partial Dentures


Metal Crowns - Patient Marketing Brochure

Metal Crowns


Printing Instructions

Take the downloadable brochure to your local printing company. There is some white space on the back of the brochure left that you may use to add your logo and contact information. If you would like us to print a batch for you, please contact us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to do it at a reasonable price.

Dentist Brochures for Patients

Dental professionals are busy people and they frequently gloss over opportunities for patients to understand treatment options on a deeper level. Let’s face it — many dentists talk to patients in far too technical terms for the patient to grasp the concepts presented.

Dentist brochures are designed to help bridge the gap through minimized text while highlighting diagrams, graphics, photos, and condensed concepts or bullet points that allow the patient to better visualize their treatment.

How Dental Brochures Educate Patients

Dental information is often overwhelming and unrelatable to patients. Most patients are not going to pick up a dentistry brochure unless the topic presented is something of personal interest to them — a whiter smile, straighter teeth, etc.

Dental pamphlets don’t just jumping off of the table into your patients hands. I’ve seen dental offices with a wall full of dentist brochures lined up neatly in lucite pockets. The reality very few patients open them. There may as well be a Rembrandt painting hanging there. Videos playing in the reception area can be somewhat helpful but they lack personal interaction and often contain conflicting information that is not totally relevant to each patient’s specific dental needs.

Dentist education pamphlets are meant to be combined with other presentation modalities and incorporated into a focused discussion tailored to the specific needs of your patient. That is why it is so important to use dental brochures in the operatory or consultation area as talking points to further open the dialog and enhance understanding.

Dentist office brochures may be sent home with the patient once there is meaning attached to the dentistry brochure that can facilitate the patient weighing the pros and cons of any proposed treatment.

dentist brochures

How Brochures Can Market To Patients

By offering our clients downloadable dentist brochures, Stomadent Dental Laboratory allows you to print these on-demand without the need for storing stacks of dentist education pamphlets that you may rarely use. Since these materials are offered electronically in pdf format, they can easily be accessed as the need arises.

Who says dentistry brochures must be something that can be physically held? The pandemic has opened many different avenues for patient interactions and marketing dental services. Online consultations accompanied by full-color electronic educational dentist brochures designed so that the patient and professional can discuss jointly via Zoom are a very effective means for presenting clearer treatment goals and understanding the importance of dental care.

Dentistry Brochure Templates

Naturally, the goal is to employ pamphlets that present content in line with your philosophy. There’s nothing worse than a dentist not reading the information contained within the dentist brochure only to find out that there are concepts presented that you personally don’t subscribe to or recommend.

I recall receiving dentistry brochures for free that suggested putting a capful of household bleach in a cup of water for soaking dentures. I knew that I couldn’t give these dentistry brochure samples to my patients because many patients often take things presented in writing far too literally — if a little bleach is good, a lot is better.

That’s why it is so important to know what each dentist education pamphlet says before you present it to your patients. Dentistry brochures templates that have the ability to be customized to your specific needs and practice philosophies can be a timesaver and a great way to present consistent messaging.

Download free, print-ready, high-resolution, informative brochures designed for your patients to better comprehend both the benefits and the downsides of any restorative treatment or laboratory service.

Stomadent –– Your Full-Service Laboratory

Stomadent Dental Laboratory utilizes CAD/CAM technology and an automated workflow to create state-of-the-art restorations and dental appliances with superior fit and comfort. Your patients deserve to understand what is possible when it comes to their dental health.

When your patient presents with a dental issue that is best addressed with a dental appliance, our on-demand dentist office brochures allow you to highlight both the pros and cons of each type of treatment, enabling a more informed decision. To see all of our restorative offerings and services, go to:

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