Denture Care 101:

Offer your patients: Denture Cleaning, Maintenance, and Lifestyle Guide

What’s in the book?

1: Denture Maintenance

  • Cleaning Dentures
  • Whitening Dentures
  • Traveling with Dentures

2: Eating with Dentures

  • Chewing with Dentures
  • Great Foods to Eat When You First Get Dentures
  • Foods That Require Practice to Enjoy
  • Difficult to Chew Foods
  • Foods to Avoid Completely
  • What You Eat Is Up to You
  • Is Sugar Harmful to Denture Wearers?

3: What to Avoid

  • Dry Mouth
  • Sleeping with Dentures
  • Access to Pets
  • Extreme Measures

4: Speaking with Dentures

  • How to Speak Clearly with Dentures

5: Denture Problems & Solutions

  • Denture Sores
  • Why Dentures Cut into Gum Tissue
  • Overcoming Denture Pain
  • Looseness
  • Gagging
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Bad Breath
  • Denture Stomatitis

6: Denture Repair

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Denture Repairs
  • Denture Repair Options
  • Relines
  • Rebases

7: Denture Adhesives

  • How Denture Adhesives Work
  • When to Use Adhesives
  • Problems with Adhesives
  • Side-Effects of Denture Adhesive Use
  • Removing Denture Adhesive
  • Denture Adhesive Alternatives
  • A Solution for Any Denture Concern

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