Advanced Locator Fixed Denture System

Offer Unmatched Stability and Comfort with the Advanced Locator Fixed Denture System

What are Locator Fixed Dentures?

Locator fixed dentures differ from traditional dentures, which obtain all of their support from the underlying oral bony ridge. Instead, the locator fixed denture system takes advantage of the support derived from multiple dental implants placed within the jawbone. The position of implants is pre-planned prior to surgery, enabling strategic placement in order to optimize support and stability for the denture. After healing, an abutment is fitted onto every implant that allows locator fixed dentures to securely snap into place.

Why Choose Locator Fixed Dentures Over Conventional Dentures?

Locator fixed cases are an innovative solution for edentulous patients who seek superior denture stability, comfort, and improved function compared to traditional dentures. Locator abutment-supported dentures take advantage of new and existing locator abutments that provide a wide range of advantages that help them function similarly to natural teeth. These include:

Exceptional Stability

This fixed full arch solution is securely attached and anchored by dental implants, ensuring that they stay in place during routine daily activities such as speaking, eating, and laughing.

Enhanced Comfort

The locator fixed attachment system acts like permanent teeth, eliminating the need for denture pads and adhesives and providing a more secure fit with easier maintenance.

Natural Look & Feel

Locator fixed dentures enable patients to regain confidence in their appearance by fully supporting the facial musculature and lips, restoring a more youthful and natural-looking smile.

Improved Functionality

With a stronger bite force and improved denture stability, a locator fixed solution helps patients enjoy a broader range of foods for improved nutrition. Since they remain securely in place and don’t slip during function, these restorations allow for better speech clarity.

Jawbone Preservation

Dental implants used to secure locator fixed dentures give the edentulous jawbone a purpose that helps to stimulate and maintain bone quantity and density, preserving facial structure and minimizing the need for adjustments.

Simplified Maintenance

These fixed full-arch dentures can be removed easily for cleaning and home care, streamlining oral hygiene routines for patients and offering greater accessibility for maintenance by dental professionals.

Locator Fixed Dentures: Potential Drawbacks

Locator fixed dentures are not suitable for everyone. While they offer numerous benefits to patients, there are a few potential drawbacks that the dental professional must consider:


Due to the surgical implant placement procedure and advanced attachment system manufactured into the dentures, locator fixed dentures have a higher upfront cost to patients when compared to wearing conventional dentures. In addition, denture maintenance often involves replacement of worn parts at regular intervals in order to keep the dentures functioning optimally. However, the long-term advantages and the improved quality of life will often justify the investment made by patients.


Patients are required to undergo minor dental surgery for the placement of implants and locator abutments. This full arch fixed prosthesis may not be suitable or possible for every patient, particularly those with certain medical conditions or compromised jawbones. In addition, some patients may require a separate bone grafting surgery to increase bone width and height in order for implant placement to be a viable treatment option. A thorough medical and dental evaluation is necessary before proceeding with this treatment plan or other conventional fixed options.

Locator Fixed Dentures Comparison Chart

PMMA Hybrid

with Peek or Titanium Bar

Nano Ciramic Hybrid

with Peek or Titanium Bar

Full Zirconia Dental Bridge

$ $1,900 $1,590 - $1,890 $1,800 - $2,500
Aesthetics Good Great Excellent
Durability/ Strength Good Great Excellent
Noise/Clicking Sound Dull Natural Dentition Strong
Chewability Good Great Excellent
Tension over Implant post Minimal Minimal Strong
Repairability Easy Moderate Difficult
Hygienic Great Great Great
Stability/Fit Good Great Great
Weight Light Moderate Heavy
Manufacturing Method
Implant Denture Comparison Chart Thumb
A table comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different implant dentures in relation to one another.

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