Zirlux Acetal Flexible Partial Dentures

Resin-Based Zirlux Acetal Partial Dentures

What is a Zirlux Acetal Partial Denture?

A Zirlux Acetal partial denture is a resin-based partial denture made from a special copolymer that is semi-flexible when thin and more rigid as the resin becomes thicker. This makes it an ideal material for fabricating a variety of tooth-supported removable prosthetics. Since it absorbs virtually no water, the appliance is less likely to develop stains or odors. Acetal behaves like a much-improved version of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), only stronger and more flexible, allowing Acetal resin to be formed into a thinner, more comfortable removable restoration that your patient will love.

Special Features of Zirlux Acetal

Zirlux Acetal Partial Frameworks are designed and milled from a void-free disk of copolymer using CAD/CAM technology for precise fit. Flexible partial dentures are tissue borne; Zirlux Acetal resin is different because it is semi-flexible. Its strength allows the manufactured framework to be supported by the existing dentition, much like a metal framework. Clasps are made from the same resin material. They have elastic memory and are designed to engage securely into the natural undercuts of abutment teeth for maximum hold.

Acetal Resin
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When to choose Zirlux Acetal over other types of partial dentures

Resin-based Zirlux Acetal is an ideal framework option for patients that are sensitive or allergic to free monomer used in denture acrylics. Esthetically-conscious patients will enjoy a partial that visually disappears in the mouth. Suitable for partial dentures, Nesbit partials, or as a transitional appliance during healing for implant cases.

Zirlux Acetal Material Properties

What is it made from? Zirlux Acetal is made from 99.9% pure polyoxymethylene (POM), a highly crystalline millable thermoplastic copolymer. Acetal resin properties include high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability.

Acetal has been successfully used in dentistry worldwide for more than 30 years in an injectable form. This material now comes in millable form which eliminates the problem of shrinkage during processing. Acetal resin cuts cleanly and quickly using either wet or dry milling methods.

Milled acetal resin
Caring for Acetal Resin

How to Care for Zirlux Partials

After meals, rinse the appliance under cool, running water to remove any debris or food particles. Use a soft bristle denture brush with a denture paste or liquid antibacterial soap to clean the appliance.

Never use any abrasives such as toothpaste meant for use on enamel, powdered household cleanser, or a hard-bristled brush to clean the partial denture.

Can you add teeth to a Zirlux Acetal Partial?

As a Zirlux Acetal provider, Stomadent Dental Lab has the equipment and expertise necessary to quickly and easily make reasonable minor repairs and additions to the resin partial using genuine Zirlux materials.

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Zirlux Acetal Partials: Pros and Cons

Esthetic, durable, metal-free tooth borne removable partial dentures are made from Zirlux Acetal resin by CAD/CAM technology to exacting specifications for a precise fit. The patient will appreciate the comfort, the ease of wear, the lack of a metallic taste, and no thermal conductivity when drinking cold or hot beverages. Like its metal counterparts, denture teeth must be physically bonded to the resin framework with denture acrylic or a monomer-free acrylic substitute.

Taking Impressions for Resin-Based Zirlux Acetal Partials

The teeth, hard tissue, and surrounding soft tissue of both arches may be digitally scanned using a chairside scanner. Data files are electronically transferred to the dental lab for incorporation into the digital processing workflow.

In the absence of a chairside scanner or for complex cases that involve missing teeth in multiple quadrants, bite registrations and impressions taken in scannable impression trays are sent to the dental laboratory. The records are scanned by the laboratory technician using a three-dimensional scanner that literally takes hundreds of images of the physical records at all angles in all dimensions.

With either method, the collected data files are used to construct virtual articulated three-dimensional models of the patient’s dentition that can be rotated and viewed from any angle or any plane in space. This allows the partial to be designed via computer-aided design (CAD) and fabricated by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Zirlux Acetal Color Choices

The millable copolymer material is available in VITA shades A1, A2, A3.5, B1, plus G2 (bleaching shade), and P1 (pink). These color choices allow for a wide range of color-matching options that work well in many situations and with different tooth configurations.

Zirlux Acetal Partials’ Average Lifespan

An appliance made from this resin can last up to 10 years, depending on parafunctional habits and patient care.

Hybrid Partials: Zirlux Acetal Resin with Metal Frameworks

It is possible to combine Acetal resin partial denture elements with a Wironium or Titanium framework to create a hybrid partial that possesses the benefits and esthetic appeal of tooth-colored semi-flexible clasps with the added strength and rigidity of a metal framework. This option is particularly important in the case of free end or long span partials where partials made from flexible or semi-flexible materials don’t always function ideally during mastication.

Hybrid Metal Acetal Partial Framework

Zirlux Acetal Partials Average Cost

Stomadent’s price point to dental professionals for a custom-milled Acetal resin framework is $199. Additional pricing details and options may be found in our Removable Appliance Fee Schedule.

Acetal Resin Partial

custom-milled Acetal resin
framework is $199

Delivery and Chairside Adjustments

Because Stomadent utilizes CAD/CAM technology to produce your partial denture, it fits precisely at delivery saving all-important chair time. Should adjustments be required, they may be accomplished with the same carbide burs used to adjust denture base resin. Minor adjustments to the clasps can be made at chairside by heating the clasps gently with hot air (a flame will burn the material). Alternatively, clasp adjustments may be made using pre-heated pliers. Final polishing can be accomplished with pumice and rag wheel.

Why Choose Stomadent?

Stomadent Dental Laboratory is a certified provider of Zirlux Acetal products. We know the material properties intimately and we understand the benefits that a CAD/CAM-produced Acetal resin partial can bring to your patient. Stomadent wants to help you think differently about removable prosthodontics. With many color options available, we can provide your patient with a beautiful, comfortable result that they never thought possible.

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