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Digital Clinical Workflows

At Stomadent Dental Laboratory, we have proudly partnered with dental practices throughout the United States since 2000. With exceptional command over the latest technologies in the industry, our staff can efficiently provide increased quality control and individualized support. Through the use of our digital clinical workflows, we’ve made it our goal to assist you in meeting your patients’ demands, allowing you to improve your quality of care.

Four Different Digital Clinical Workflows

Get Started with Digital Dentures Using The Equipment You Already Have

Stomadent Dental Laboratory is pleased to offer four different types of digital clinical workflows on the subject of digital dentures and partials for your convenience:

  • Basic Conventional Impression Workflow
  • Digital Impression Workflow
  • Triple Tray Workflow
  • Using Existing Dentures Workflow

We encourage you to view the educational video below, offered through Viva Learning, to learn more about utilizing our digital workflows for a fully immersed digital dental practice.

Discover how you can start with Digital Dentures using the equipment you already have with these 4 workflows.

What Is a Digital Clinical Workflow?

A digital clinical workflow is designed to enhance the interactions between dental staff and their patients. By digitizing a workflow, dental offices can enjoy benefits such as greater precision, consistency, and standardization of procedures. The workflows offered by Stomadent Dental Laboratory not only make it easier to order dental prosthetics and dentures, but also increases how accurately they fit the patient’s mouth. In addition, our digital workflows allow dental offices to save on time, money, and supplies.

Choose Stomadent Dental Laboratory as Your Dental Partner

When you take advantage of the digital clinical workflows offered by Stomadent Dental Laboratory, you’ll enjoy a seamless integration that works efficiently with your dental practice. In addition to being a full-service dental lab serving Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington, we’re proud to offer educational content to help your practice excel during the transition to digital dentistry.

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