Zirconia over PMMA Denture

A Balance of Strength and Visual Appeal

Our latest product, the Zirconia Over PMMA Denture, marks a significant innovation in dental prosthetics. This cutting-edge design seamlessly combines the superior durability of Zirconia teeth with the aesthetic sophistication of multi-layered PMMA acrylic resin. Each unit is expertly bonded by skilled technicians, employing a unique mechanical process.

The Integration of Strength and Aesthetic Appeal

The Durability of Multi-Layered Zirconia

Zirconia Crowns Stomadent Lab Idaho
Zirconia stands out as a preferred dental material, displaying a superior hardness when compared to traditional PMMA teeth. Not only does it look aesthetically natural due to its multi-layered property, but it also offers an enhanced chewing function and exhibits outstanding resistance to wear, contributing to a lasting, reliable prosthetic solution.

The Visual Refinement of PMMA Acrylic Resin

pmma acrylic resin
We utilize milled PMMA acrylic resin to mimic the natural appearance and texture of teeth. This method allows us to marry functional and aesthetic elements, presenting a prosthetic that caters to both practical needs and visual preferences.
Mechanical bonding of zirconia teeth and PMMA multi-layered acrylic

Mechanical Bonding: Fusing Strength and Beauty

In the creation of our Zirconia Over PMMA Denture, the technician uses a mechanical bonding process. The Zirconia teeth are prepared by drilling small, ball-like holes into them. These cavities are then filled with PMMA acrylic resin, creating a robust bond that fuses these two materials together. This meticulous process ensures the successful integration of Zirconia’s strength with PMMA’s aesthetic appeal.

The Advantages of the Zirconia Over PMMA Denture

Improved Functionality and Aesthetics

Our Zirconia Over PMMA Denture presents an improvement in chewing functionality compared to standard PMMA or composite teeth. Its multi-layered aesthetics aim to closely mimic the natural look of teeth, providing a well-balanced solution for dental professionals and their patients.

Aesthetically beautiful Denture
Durable Zirconia

Increased Durability

The high durability of Zirconia incorporated in our PMMA Denture extends the life of the prosthetic, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. It exhibits remarkable wear-resistance, making it a long-term solution for dental prosthetic needs.

Resistance to Bacteria, Stains, and Odors

An additional advantage of the Zirconia Over PMMA Denture is its resistance to bacteria, stains, and odors. This not only enhances the overall cleanliness and freshness of the prosthetic but also promotes oral health for the wearer.

Explore the balance of strength, aesthetics, and superior functionality with our Zirconia Over PMMA Denture, a new step forward in dental prosthetic solutions.

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