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By David Hudnall, DMD

Veneers are a top choice for both dental professionals and patients for correcting minor imperfections and slight crowding of natural teeth. Dentists often choose veneers over other restorative restorations because they conserve more sound tooth structure than almost any other type of treatment.

Patients like veneers because they have the ability to transform the look of teeth, creating a camera-ready smile while enduring little to no discomfort.

Key Qualities in the Best Dental Lab for Veneers

High-quality dental veneers possess certain attributes that bring them to life. These include color, custom characterization, shape and size of the restorations, alignment, and how they relate to neighboring unaltered teeth. If any of these factors are slightly amiss, it is very noticeable that the final restorations are not natural-looking and actually detract from the smile.

That said, the best dental labs for veneers have the ability to simultaneously meet all of these criteria by providing your patient with an improved version of their own smile. When choosing a dental lab to make veneers, there are certain criteria to consider:

Precision and Craftsmanship

Because there is no room for error, the best dental labs for veneers understand that veneers are a cosmetic rather than a purely restorative procedure. While veneers must be crafted to fit precisely for longevity and durability, there is no substitute for a skilled craftsman with an artistic eye who understands that teeth should not be perfectly uniform and pearly white.

Good craftsmanship means the laboratory technician has a thorough understanding of the material properties and can custom shade and stain the veneers to contain slight imperfections that make them appear more lifelike.

Records may include photographs of the patient smiling and in a repose position before the procedure with a color shade tab in view, short videos of the patient in both positions, or written instructions and diagrams that can further aid in creating the best restorations possible.

In addition, the dentist is able to take advantage of scanning and CAD/CAM technology by allowing the dental technician to design a mockup of the proposed changes before the procedure commences.

Experience and Reputation

The best dental labs for veneers employ experienced staff and technicians who regularly set aside the time necessary to further educate themselves and stay abreast of rapidly changing technology and materials. They have seen what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want to work with a lab that will be experimenting with your patient’s smile.

The best dental labs for veneers consistently produce superior work of incredible beauty that fits correctly, cements easily, and gains a reputation as one of the best dental labs for veneers. When you find a laboratory like this, word will spread. As a dental professional, it is fantastic to partner with a lab that makes your job easy.

Advanced Technology

Although producing restorations using traditional methods is both a skill and an art form, real craftsmen understand that embracing and employing technology eliminates many errors associated with analog methods and will provide better and more accurate final results. Better results translate into restorations that fit more precisely, require little to no modifications, and continue to serve the patient for many years without marginal leakage that promotes the development of recurrent decay.

Technicians who use CAD/CAM technology are also able to create renderings of smile designs for approval prior to case manufacture. Craftsmanship and artistic skill are best reserved for and utilized in custom colorization and characterization – something that is difficult to produce using automated manufacturing.

Stomadent Premier Veneer Material Properties

Porcelain veneers have been the standard restorative material for many years. However, even the best porcelain veneers have been surpassed by ceramics. Raw materials such as e.max, a ceramic-reinforced lithium disilicate, radiates true beauty, offers excellent strength, and may be processed via CAD/CAM technology from blocks of lithium metasilicate in a pre-crystallized form.

The pre-crystallized material is first milled and then fired in order to recrystallize the ceramic, infusing the restoration with some translucent properties. While the final restoration may not have ideal optical properties, there are a variety of methods, including custom staining, that the technician may employ in order to characterize each veneer and bring it to life.

e.max is not the only choice for milled veneers. While biocompatible zirconia veneers and e.max offer similar chemical properties and manufacturing methods, zirconia hides intrinsic stains better and is much more fracture-resistant than either e.max or porcelain, making it suitable for use in bruxism patients. Both types of ceramic veneers offer an average lifespan of 15 years or greater, depending on patient home care and oral hygiene.

Stomadent Dental Laboratory

The best dental lab for ceramic dental veneers has a history of producing beautiful, lifelike veneer dental restorations using the latest technology to ensure a proper fit every time. Trust Stomadent Dental Lab to be your resource for all things veneer. For the general practitioner or cosmetic dentist, veneers can be tricky. Why not work with an experienced laboratory that can take the mystery out of obtaining excellent results?

See all of our e.max and zirconia veneer offerings when you visit stomadentlab.com. Our lab technicians are true artists and have the skills to give you a smile makeover of the highest quality. You deserve a beautiful smile. Contact Stomadent Dental Lab today.

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