Zirlux Acetal Resin Flexible Partial Dentures


Zirlux Acetal Resin Flexible Partial Dentures

Zirlux Acetal Resin Flexible Partial Dentures

Zirlux Acetal Resin Partial Dentures

For many years, dental patients have worn cast-metal partial dentures with hard, unforgiving acrylic saddles and unattractive metal clasps to replace missing teeth. Now, kinder and gentler options are available. Zirlux Acetal Resin partial dentures (also referred to as Thermoflex partial dentures) offer a dramatically different alternative to metal partials and metal clasps. With tooth-colored flexible clasps that blend with the natural dentition and saddles that adapt and conform to the underlying tissue, Zirlux partials fit comfortably and seamlessly with the soft tissue. The casual observer will be hard-pressed to determine where the partial ends and the natural teeth begin.

If you are looking for a reliable dental lab to provide Acetal Resin partial dentures for your office, reach out to Stomadent Dental Laboratory today! Our denture lab technicians are pleased to serve dental practices in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, California, and all other U.S. states.

Acetal partial dentures are not the right solution for all patients. You may have patients with missing teeth that are very concerned about their appearance but do not have the resources or overall good health that would allow you to replace their missing teeth with implants and implant-retained crown and bridgework.

A Permanent or Temporary Solution

Smile and laugh with confidence! Zirlux Acetal Resin flexible partial dentures provide the patient with a great functional and esthetic tooth-replacement option. With a variety of natural shades, Zirlux partials virtually disappear in the patient’s mouth. Acetal Resin partials can also be used as an effective temporary solution for future dental implant patients who want a comfortable and esthetically-pleasing appliance to wear in the interim. As the patient’s health or financial situation changes, the flexible partial may be modified and used to transition the patient to a more permanent dental implant-based restorative solution.

Missing one visible tooth? A flexible Nesbit partial denture may be the solution you’re looking for.

Monomer-Free Polyacetal Resin

Zirlux Acetal Resin flexible partial dentures are made from monomer-free polyacetal resin. The acetal resin material is available in sixteen tooth shades that blend with the natural teeth. Material properties of the resin provide both strength and flexibility to the finished dental appliance. Zirlux resin is injection molded using both heat and pressure, eliminating distortion and porosity during curing. The end result is a resin framework that is strong yet lightweight and flexible, conforms precisely for a comfortable fit, has excellent retention, and requires minimal adjustments. Since there is no monomer used in its fabrication, the non-allergenic base minimizes tissue reactions and gum irritation.

Advanced Retention

Good retention is always a concern with any partial denture. No one wants to wear a food trap or an unretentive partial that moves up and down as they talk or chew. The elastic memory of Zirlux Acetal Resin allows the clasps to cling deeply into the tooth’s natural undercut. Combine that feature with 3D CAD/CAM technology used to design the clasp placement and you have a flexible partial denture with clasps that blend and engage seamlessly with the abutment teeth.

CAD/CAM System

Pros and Cons of Acetal Partial Dentures

With any denture treatment, there are always negatives to consider. Not all types of treatment are appropriate for all patients. Patient selection is critical.

Depending on the patient, there may the danger of swallowing or aspirating a Nesbit partial.

Patients with bruxism or a heavy bite can overcome the flexible nature of the partial denture, causing it to bend while chewing. Bruxism can also cause the flexible occlusal rests, used to prevent the partial from over-seating, to give way over time. Since the flexible partial is not prevented from flexing downward, in some cases the clasps can begin to bow, allowing the partial denture to become loose and ill-fitting.

Flexible partial dentures work best when they have abutment teeth present on both ends of edentulous areas. But what if the patient doesn’t have any posterior natural teeth? Flexible dental appliances don’t work very well in cases requiring distal extensions. The same flexible properties that are so desirable and make the partial denture comfortable will actually work to dislodge the appliance and hinder the patient’s chewing capabilities.

Zirlux Acetal Resin + Metal Frameworks

Metal Frame Thermoflex

These negatives can be overcome by combining the Acetal resin material with the stability of a Titanium or a Wironium metal framework. The best features of each partial denture style can be combined to work synergistically. This allows the “invisible” flexible clasps and gum-hugging tissue-borne material to be used when supported by an underlying Acetal partial framework with metal rests and metal clasps in hidden areas. The result is a hybrid partial denture that cannot be over-seated and doesn’t over-flex at the back of the arch when chewing. It is literally the best of both partial styles rolled into one unique hybrid partial design.

Zirlux Acetal Resin – Repairs

What about breakage? Sooner or later, it is bound to happen. A tooth pops off or a clasp breaks. What do you do? As a Zirlux provider, the denture technicians at Stomadent Dental Laboratory have the ability to repair flexible partial dentures and get them back into service ASAP using genuine Zirlux materials and methodology. Please contact our dental laboratory for details about repairs to your specific case.

The advantages of Zirlux Acetal Resin flexible partials are numerous. Usually there is a way to work around any drawback of the flexible material itself in order to fabricate a comfortable dental appliance with a wonderful esthetic result that your patient will enjoy for years to come. Call or email us to talk with a Stomadent denture expert. We’ll partner with you to find the removable dental appliance that is the best fit for your patient’s needs.

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