Asiga 3D Printer Digital Denture Overview

System Overview:


  • 62-micron Print Precision
  • SPS Smart Positioning System Technology
  • Open Material System
  • Single Point Calibration
  • Trusted by Laboratories Globally
Asiga 3d Printer

We can digitally design a denture or a partial then print it from a denture resin or a castable resin. In this case, we printed some try-ins for a clinician to use in their office with their patient.

This resin material is a non-allergenic material. Regular methyl methacrylate material is allergic in some patients who have allergies to the monomer. This resin is non-allergic.

We can digitally print a try-in, or we can print denture bases, or we can print the teeth from this material. With the printed denture, there is no shrinkage so the resin denture will fit much better than a regular acrylic denture.

Asiga printed Try-InIn this example, we printed a try-in for a clinician. After printing, we clean up the try-in then send it to the dental office in this manner. You try the case in the patient’s mouth. You may do any kind of modifications – you can trim on the try-in itself or you can write a description of the changes you desire. We will make changes according to your specifications. Then we print the final modified version using the real resin base material and add the teeth to it. The teeth may either be milled or printed.

When a baseplate for a partial is printed, the baseplate will fit much better and a lot more precisely than when we process a partial using conventional methods. What this means to you is a much better fitting removable appliance with digital printing and designing