When the dentist calls us with a specific question, we have laboratory professionals that can answer their questions and guide our dentists in the right direction. Stomadent is a full-service dental laboratory offering both removable restorations and fixed restorations. We were the first to introduce digital and advanced technology into the removable restorative workflow.

When it comes to the clinical side, we are in partnership with other dental professionals. We test our products side-by-side with other dental professionals. Before we introduce new products or materials to the market, we want to make certain that the product will be the best option for the patient. At Stomadent, we have a library of resources for dental professionals to help guide them through difficult cases. If they are looking for advice as to what type of restoration to choose in a particular scenario, we have videos that will guide our clients and help them make an informed, educated choice.

Stomadent separates itself from many other dental laboratories. All of our cases are handled start to finish in our own lab by knowledgeable technicians. We don’t outsource anything.

With Stomadent, you are in good hands.

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