Precision-Crafted Nightguards and Sportsguards: Durable, Comfortable, and FDA-Approved Solutions for Bruxism Relief and Athletic Protection

Stomadent Dental Laboratory excels in crafting nightguards and sportsguards for bruxism relief and athletic protection. Our lineup includes the milled Talon Nightguards, known for their exceptional durability, precision, and comfort. Addressing diverse needs, our products prioritize fit and user comfort. Bruxism impacts 10-20% of the population, necessitating effective solutions, while athletes require sturdy protection. Our 3D-printed KeySplint guards range from the durable KeySplint Hard to the comfortable KeySplint Soft. All our products are FDA-approved and designed for easy maintenance.


Keysplint, a resin-based material, is becoming popular for night guards. It balances strength and comfort, ideal for severe bruxism, and ensures patient adherence. These 3D-printed guards fit perfectly with minimal adjustment. Easy to maintain, Keysplint guards offer a glossy finish and clean easily. They address bruxism, restoration protection, and associated health issues like jaw problems and headaches, enhancing overall dental health.

Quick Facts

  • Very comfortable
  • Resilient
  • Minimal chairside time
  • Articulated to ensure precise occlusion
  • Biocompatible
  • Stain and abrasion resistant
  • Easily cleaned and polished
Kysplint Nightguard
Keysplint 3d printed
Talon Splint
talon milled


The milled Talon splint, a versatile dental device, effectively treats conditions like bruxism and TMJ dysfunction. It merges the benefits of hard and soft splints, offering comfort with a soft, thermoplastic interior and durability with a hard acrylic shell. Easy to customize and fit, it requires minimal adjustment, ensuring patient comfort and optimal retention. Its durable design is resistant to wear and safe, with no plasticizer leaching, making it ideal for bruxism patients.

Quick Facts

  • Minimal chairside time
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • High patient comfort
  • Optimum retention
  • Durable, ideal for bruxism
  • Wear resistant
  • Safe, no plasticizer leaching
  • Shape memory, reverts post-deformation


Keystone Industries’ Pro-Form sports mouthguards offer top-tier safety and durability for athletes. These mouthguards, crafted with a unique lamination of soft EVA layers, provide remarkable tensile strength. The EVA material is biocompatible, free from BPA, monomer, and latex, ensuring safety. Their fabrication ensures sufficient thickness over each tooth for optimal protection. Pro-Form mouthguards are used across sports levels, from professional to Little League, showcasing their wide trust and effectiveness. With proper care, a custom Pro-Form mouthguard can last over a year, offering a durable, cost-effective solution for athletic oral protection.

Quick Facts

  • Laminated EVA strength
  • Safe, biocompatible material
  • Protective tooth thickness
  • Versatile athletic use
Pro-Form Sportguard

Stomadent Dental Laboratory specializes in delivering high-quality dental solutions with our Keysplint and Talon splints. The Keysplint nightguards are designed for strength and comfort, ideal for severe bruxism, and require minimal adjustment, ensuring patient adherence and enhanced dental health. Meanwhile, our Talon splints combine a comfortable, soft interior with a durable acrylic shell, perfect for treating bruxism and TMJ dysfunction. These products exemplify Stomadent’s commitment to providing dentists with effective, patient-friendly solutions for diverse dental needs