When a patient loses a tooth, it can be a real crisis for them. Most patients don’t want to walk around with missing teeth while their mouth heals. What can be done in a hurry to restore their appearance?

When Should You Use Interim Partial Dentures for your Patients?

A transitional or interim partial denture is the most readily available and practical short-term solution that can get your patient back to smiling once again, often within the same day. For many patients in this predicament, interim partials are a godsend.

Interim partials are designed to last roughly six to eight months. Beyond this, the patient’s gums will have changed, and the temporary appliance no longer fits as well as it should. At that point, it is time for a longer-lasting, more permanent solution. It is so important to be clear with patients at the onset of treatment that an interim partial is designed to last only a short period of time while a long-term solution can be prepared. Some common examples of uses for interim partials include:

To Buy Time

For many patients, the loss of a tooth creates an unplanned financial burden. Often patients want the tooth replaced right away but need time to work out their finances before moving ahead with definitive treatment. Interim partials are also appropriate when the patient’s health doesn’t allow for ideal dental treatment to be performed. Wearing a temporary appliance gives the patient an opportunity to seek medical treatment for issues such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes. An interim partial can serve either of these purposes.

While Healing from Tooth Extraction

If the long-term treatment solution is a removable partial denture or a bridge, an interim partial maintains the space and can help hold the shape of the tissue while the ridge is healing. It can also act as a trial prosthesis, in the case of the final restoration being a removable partial denture, allowing the patient to get used to the feel of a dental appliance in their mouth.

While Preparing for Implant Placement and Restoration

Many patients don’t want to be bothered with a removable appliance as a long-term solution. An interim partial maintains the edentulous space and allows for necessary surgical procedures, such as ridge augmentation and implant placement, to take place while still maintaining a full complement of teeth.

Interim Partial Denture Options to Consider

When you think of interim partials, most people picture a pink acrylic baseplate with a denture tooth attached to fill in the gap left by a single tooth. While this is certainly an option, Stomadent Dental Laboratory offers more than one type of partial denture suitable for use as an interim appliance. These options can be designed and fabricated using CAD/CAM technology for a precise fit, eliminating the need for labor-intensive chairside adjustments at delivery.

Resin Flipper or Partial Denture

A resin flipper or temporary partial is similar to the traditional interim partial familiar to most dentists. The one important difference is the baseplate material and teeth are fabricated from hypoallergenic resin polymer, making it suitable for all patients, including those prone to allergic reactions to denture monomer. A resin partial can be easily refined at chairside with denture burs, if necessary, for a comfortable fit.

Valplast Partial

Valplast material is made from a thin, lightweight, biocompatible combination of nylon and thermoplastic resin. The resin material is injection molded for precise tissue adaptation and fit. The flexible baseplate material and flexible clasps hug the gums without placing undue pressure on the remaining teeth.

A Valplast Nesbit partial or full partial can be the ideal interim solution when the remaining natural teeth have slight periodontal mobility. Valplast partials are also an excellent transitional appliance for future implant patients. Because the material is flexible, it can be adjusted to conform and cover the site during the healing phase of implant surgery, allowing for a smooth transition to the final implant-retained restoration.

Acetal Resin Framework Partial

Acetal Resin partials can be used as an effective temporary solution for future dental implant patients who want a comfortable and good-looking appliance to wear in the interim. As the patient’s health or financial situation changes, the flexible partial may be modified and transitioned to a bridge or dental implant-based restorative solution.

Think Outside of the Box

Who says all interim partials have to be made from acrylic? Your patients are unique and they have different needs, wants, and desires. This includes how they transition from tooth removal to their final restoration. A well-chosen interim partial can make that transition a smooth one. Trust Stomadent Dental Laboratory to create a unique, esthetically-pleasing interim appliance as individual as your patient.

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