All–on–X Screw-in Fixed

Empower Your Patients with a Long-lasting, Secure, and Comfortable Dental Solution

Why Choose Screw-In Fixed Dentures Over Conventional Dentures?

Screw-In Fixed Dentures are an outstanding solution for patients seeking the highest level of stability, comfort, and functionality compared to traditional dentures. By being permanently attached to dental implants, Screw-In Fixed Dentures offer numerous advantages:

Unrivaled Stability

Screw-In Fixed Dentures are securely fixed to dental implants, ensuring optimal stability during everyday activities like talking, eating, and laughing.

Enhanced Comfort

The permanent attachment of Screw-In Fixed Dentures eliminates the need for adhesives, providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience for patients.

Natural Look & Feel

With their secure fit, Screw-In Fixed Dentures provide a natural appearance, enabling patients to regain their confidence in their smile.

Better Functionality

The increased bite force and stability of Screw-In Fixed Dentures allow patients to enjoy a wider variety of foods and experience enhanced speech clarity.

Preserved Jawbone

Dental implants used in Screw-In Fixed Dentures help maintain jawbone density, preserving facial structure and minimizing the need for adjustments.


Screw-In Fixed Dentures are a long-lasting solution, providing patients with an enduring and reliable dental restoration.

While Screw-In Fixed Dentures offer numerous benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:


Due to the implant procedure and the permanent nature of the dentures, Screw-In Fixed Dentures may have a higher initial cost compared to conventional dentures. However, the long-term benefits and improved quality of life often justify the initial investment for many patients.


Patients need minor surgery for the placement of dental implants, which may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain medical conditions or compromised jawbones. A thorough evaluation is necessary before proceeding.


Since Screw-In Fixed Dentures are permanently attached, professional cleaning and maintenance may be more challenging compared to removable denture options.

All-on-X Screw-In Fixed Dentures Comparison Chart


Nano Ciramic Hybrid

with Peek or Titanium Bar

All Zirconia

$ $990 - $1,800 $1,800 - $2,800 $2,200 - $3,900
Aesthetics Good Great Excellent
Durability/ Strength Good Great Excellent
Noise/Clicking Sound Natural Dentition Natural Dentition Strong
Chewability Great Great Excellent
Tension over Implant post Moderate Moderate Strong
Repairability Moderate Moderate Difficult
Hygienic Moderate Moderate Moderate
Manufacturing Method
3D Printed
Implant Denture Comparison Chart Thumb
A table comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different implant dentures in relation to one another.

At Stomadent Dental Lab, we’re committed to helping you provide the best dental solutions for your patients. Screw-In Fixed Dentures are an exceptional alternative to traditional dentures, offering unparalleled stability, comfort, and aesthetics. Our experienced team is ready to work with you to bring this life-changing option to your dental practice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your patients’ lives with Screw-In Fixed Dentures.