Dentures are, in essence, artificial teeth that are custom-made to fit your mouth in order to replace missing teeth. They are removable, which has many advantages, such as making them easier to clean. Today’s dentures are very comfortable and easy to get used to with the advancements in dental technology and the like. But did you know that there are different types of denture appliances available?

Stormadent Dental Laboratory is a dental lab based in Idaho. We specialize in helping dentists craft dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges, mouthguards, and more. Our team has been helping dentists with these precise dental appliances since 2000. Our mission is to make the highest-quality dental appliances that are aesthetically-pleasing and that will only require a minimum amount of adjustment. Our handcrafted dental appliances are created with the patient in mind. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the five must-have denture appliances for your dental practice. Contact our team to get started today!

5 Must-Have Denture Appliances

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are dentures that are for those patients who are only missing a few teeth and have the majority of their natural teeth still in place. There is usually a gum-colored base with a metal wire that then holds the artificial teeth in place. This is a great denture appliance as it prevents the patient’s other teeth from moving as well.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are dentures that are used when the patient is missing all or most of their teeth. These denture appliances are removable, and they sit on top of the patient’s gums.

Implant-Supported Dentures

With implant-supported dentures, dental implants hold the dentures in place. These are a popular choice for patients because it holds the artificial teeth securely in place. They also look very natural and last a very long time.

Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in dentures utilize dental implants as well. These dentures attach to the implants that allow them to be removable, but gives them extreme stability. The patient has to have enough bone to support the implants, like in the implant-supported dentures.

Custom Dentures

Custom dentures can be any type of dentures; however, you can customize the material of the tooth itself, which will give your teeth a more natural look that fits with your unique smile, and they are long-lasting.

Choose Stomadent Dental Lab for all your denture needs

Stormadent Dental Lab specializes in many different types of dentures, including full or complete dentures, partial dentures, and CAD/CAM Dentures, which uses computer-aided design, or CAD, to exact specifications, enable the best in custom dentures for your patients. Patients love these dentures because they can be crafted to meet their exact needs, from tooth shape and size to tooth color and arrangement.

Our mission is to offer the best restorative dental solutions for your dental practice and patients’ needs. We offer local pickup and delivery service, and we have partnered with FedEx to offer 2nd day delivery services. If you are interested in partnering with our dental lab, contact us today!

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